LKXA Barcelona Xtreme Games 2015

Definately it was one of favorite travels of all time,so many things to see in Barcelona that in some way it reminds me of my city,Unfortonaly we arrive late night so the next morning 10:30 am was the pro qualification,i didnt practice at all in that ground and i did my run in first try,it was not so bad,then the night we had a great party in some club named Apollo,but i think im getting kind of old for that ones..hahahhaa!!then the other day we make a tourist ride and saw some good places!It was nice to chill with my bro Dinos that came with me,and also i was really really happy to see everybody worldwide riders and share our things about the flatland scene!Check the photos below.... :)

drinking champagne with my bro

worldwide riders


with James Mc Graw,Viki Gomez

James Mc Graw,Dinos,Martin Drazil


Gas Station

La Sagrada Famillia

Barceloneta Playa

Apollo Club

with the best Alex Jumelin!

Bmx Flatland Show @ Youth Festival Mediteranian Cosmos Thessaloniki

It was a really nice vibe,since in this show i rode with my brake bike and did my safe mode tricks since the ground was downhills,the first day i rode indoors,and the next day i rode outdoors.check the photos and video below....