Flashback Media Covers

front cover at local newspaper

May 2006 Sporty Magazine interview

Burn Out Greek magazineSXS team 2010 September

Braun Flatground Contest in XL magazine 2005 November

How to Pedal Hang 5 in Sporty Magazine in June 2006


Flashback Photos

some photos from the past....

Lord Of Balance 2 Flyer

ceremonys Lord Of Balance 2
Chromopolis 2002 @ Rodos island

Lord Of Balance 1 flyer
ceremonys Lord Of Balance 1 January 2005

Time Attack Racing with my 106 rallye car

thessaloniki bmx flatland Jam 2006

Riviera Ninja Spin contest Monaco Monte Carlo 2009


SXS Team In Alexandroupoli City

So for one more time we had a great time going to Alexandroupoli a city which is really close to Turkey,everything went awesome,we had a great time,big crowd,and of course nice memories!Thanks to Alexandroupoli Motor Bike Team for the photos!!

preparing to launch in  Alexandroupoli city

2 atv bikes and a flatland bike
Burn Out with the drift bike

Searching a good point spot to hit the trick

Hang 5 G- Turns

ATV Stunt


Scooter Stund

BMW 2 Wheel 
my bike on a bike dynohorse power meter! is 1,4hp hahahaha crazy

Check out from the Hotel
on our way back to thessaloniki