Next show with my SXS Team 4-5-6 July Ram The Spot Festival @ Drama City

Unfortonaly i canot perform to the Ram The Spot this year but my SXS Team will be there,cause im going to UK The Dare 2b Yorkshire Festival of Cycling starts in under a week, running from Friday 4 – Sunday 6 July at Harewood House, north of Leeds. It’s home to the Official Ceremonial Start of this year’s Tour de France on Saturday 5 July.... more info http://www.festivalofcycling.org/


Stunt X Treme Show @ Club Inox ILioupoli Thessaloniki

We had a nice and short show outside of a local club in my town,it was hard to perform hard tricks cause the area was really small,but it was fun! :)
Me and my bro Cocos
ZX 12 Burn Out

Backwheel Trick

ATV Drift

Christy & Sia

Swimming Pool New SXS Project


Bmx Flatland Demo Show @ Kilkis city

We start by car with my newblood flatland friend Jim,we went to Kilkis,its a city 40km from my town,everything went perfect good times,and of course good memories on this one!

trying to manage some tricks on the sketchy ground

mc circle turbine

my bro Jim riding backwheel

all time clasic trick

sign in some autographs

Jimy,Billys Bikes and me