So finally i got back in home in a full good memories,i think Greece has some sirious issues with flatland events against the weather,i remember back in 2005 with the lord of balance 2 it was raining,then 2007 - 2008 the Jam in Larissa which Jimmy Bak made 2 JAM"S the one was 44 degrees hot and the other in the winter had - 2  and now in athens the tempeture was good but it was blowing in 55km 7 bofor hahahaaa crazy!
More photos in the below link:



Bmx Flatland and Stund bike

  it was a sunny day so me and my friend Dimitris Cocos we had some fun doing some stunds with the street bike and the flatland bike,the resolution is not so good cause the camera is from a mobile phone but its cool to watch!! ENJOY!