SXS bmx flatland and stund show @ Velvet Club N.Kalikrateia Chalkidiki

When i got there it was early but i like this venue :)

bmx flatland demo

Good Friends
So we did a show in a big outdoor club in Chalkidiki.A city which has one of the best seas in Greece,it was cool,but unfortonaly my camera was in wrong mode,so i dont have many photos from the show :( 


1 July Bmx Flatland Demo for Micro X Treme Circa at Drama city

me and my good friend alexis florakis

 george mezes my good sk8 friend

I Love Kid's

Sunday morning we start from Thesaloniki to Drama city by bus,my feelings was like a was a kid and going to a school trip.The festival was cool including a bmx park and sk8 contest,graffiti,hip hop live,break dance and many more things......

30 June SXS show in Katerini

me and Alexis Florakis


Saturday morning we start from thessaloniki by my car with my good friend Alexis Florakis,our destination was not too far like 80 km only.When we arrived we saw some crazy chopper bikes,some Rodeo Show,and many more things which first time in my life i have seen,all that vibe remind me stuff like i was in the US,DOPE!