26 May Bmx Flatland Show @ Florina City

26 May Sunday morning i start by car to Florina city its about 200 km from Thessaloniki the city i live, had 3 demos for five minutes also i make some workshops to the kids and explain to people what is Flatland.. and after all that i had to go quick back to my town for another show in the thessaloniki tuning show in my city,check out the photos below.....
having fun with kids

24/25/26 May Thessaloniki Tuning Show

Hello everybody,

We had a 3 day show with my team SXS,i decided for my shows to put my front brake on,because the floor surface's on most of my show's are really sketchy and have hills,but for my personal flatland riding of course no brakes!!!!Everything went perfect check the photos below...


Full Riding Mode Preparing for Show's

Its ben a month or something since i post here,im very busy with my morning work www.detectors.gr i work in a electronic lab and we make metal detectors.After that i go home chill,sleep like 1 hour charge my body,take a bath,eat good food,update my mp3 with some new music and go for session,since is spring-summer now i ride outdoors in some spot which is not the best ground cause its not complete flat but i dont have any other choice,since my old Alexander The Great Statue riding spot are not available yet maybe in 6-7 months..... Soon show's are starting so this blog will be update more often....