Happy New Year 2017

2016 Game Over,unfortonaly i didnt ride alot this year cause i had bike problems,crack rim,broken fork,2 tyres explode,and the thing is that this products are not available in greece so i had to order from europe or usa,this means 2 weeks no riding,and then also this year in my spot was really windy,but its ok cause now i ride for fun and i enjoy it more,looking forward this year to have some new moves to do,new things to see,and experience life to the maximum limit!so i wish everybody Happy New Year!!!! 


Bmx Flatland Show @ American Farmacy School @ Thessaloniki

Everything went perfect i perform 3 shows for 3 groups and also did some workshop with the kids.
Unfortunately i was not able to have some good photos cause my camera was out of battery. 


Bmx Flatland & Breakdance show @ Goethe Institut of Thessaloniki

It was great feeling doing flatland tricks to kids,unfortonaly the ground was very dificult but everybody enjoy it!For one more time i perform with Black Out Crew one of the best Breakdance team in Greece!


Omixlh Festival 2016 @ Kastoria City

We went to Kastoria city and had a great time taking part of a big festival including xtreme sports,and water sport's,i did 2 demos,ground was difficult cause of a sketchy tarmac,but everything went good!Big thanx to Micro X treme, C1RCA,and Omixlh Crew.
back wheel
good times
good crowd

Mc Circle


Bad Weather,and broken part's

Its ben a long time since i didn't update this blogspot,but i had some broken part's,fork,rim,tire all in a row of 3 weeks,then unfortunately the weather in my town was so bad,windy and rainy,and i could ride enough,but now its time to get back on the progression mode,and soon will have some new video with new tricks....have fun... Happy Spring!



The first representation of this video was on my facebook account,but now i converted also in youtube.Its my first edit with my new bike,you will see clips from 2001 in the same spot i ride since 1995...time passes so fast,in this situation that famous quote matches well "Don't grow up its a trap".


Happy New year 2016

2015 was a great progression year,with many travelings,many show's,and i learn new things and the last is the most important!Stay tuned for many updates on this  website...peace!!!!


BreakDance BmxFlatland Demo @ Goethe German Institut of Thessaloniki

It was a really cool thing to do cause it gave me exacly the same feeling back on 2010 on the Rotations project when i was workind in UK with 2 break dance boy's.I did 4 demos within a 5 minute per show....Respect goe's to Blackout Crew!