Happy New Year 2013

Its the last day of the year,and my last post for 2012.This year was great cause i had many things changed in the progression way,many shows went good,we already have some booked shows for 2013,i change my riding style trying to get the new brakeless world which i love so much!!
my favorite chilling spot at my town!

 I wish to every rider a Happy New Year 2013!!


The ''A" Frame a custom project by Pir Malo

Now i temporary running my old frame Ares Garuda,since i sold my St Martin Evo frame...
Sometimes dreams come true,we worked out a new custom frame made my Pir Malo from France
Soon it will be ready i can wait to ride with that "A" frame....check out the photos below...

Winter 2012 indoors spot

 Welcome to the hardest season of the year AKA WINTER.If you dont have a indoor spot riding outdoors with 2-3 degrees tempeture its really hard and painfull for your body.For this year big chances to be unlucky cause my indoor spot maybe will not be available anymore for flatland.....So i have to be really pation with that issue and try to find some other new spot.....SHIT HAPPENS BUT I FIGHT IT......