Bmx Worlds Cologne 2014 @ Germany

After so many years i went to Cologne to see all my friends,we had a really good time and having fun,i travel with my real bro Chris Vasiliou,unfortonaly things are changed alot with the judging system and the contest's,either you touch down,either you pull the trick after 4-5 attempts in the midle of their run is the same thing you get high scores hahahaha CONGRATS Judges!I remember back on the days that in contest's you dont have to touch down cause you will loose points but now they create their own system,maybe this is the reason that many big names of the flatland scene they stop competing?They stop motivate?They stop riding? i dont know about this weird game,all i know is we have to have fun is the most important thing in life!Anyway i wan to say big big RESPECT to all riders they where killing and push it really high!Maximum respect to all!Also i wan to thank my bros Chris Vasiliou,Alex Jumelin,Scott O'Brien,James Mc Graw,Catfish and Lajos Sinko for having really good times! below you can see some photos and also the runs of mine,Chris Vasiliou,George Manos.

Dom church

airport things with my bro Chris

Alex Jumelin,James mc Graw,Catfish,Scott OBrien