Winter Kill's my Sessions & Progression

So many unexplainable situations happen in 2011 the first and the most important is that they destroy my riding spot area and its all dust around all the venue i was there 11 years every day,found another spot in university area start to ride but they dont let me ride anymore,then in August 30 i book my tickets for Rebel Jam contest ( 1-5 December @ Amsterdamm) i was riding in a contest mode session's leaving new tricks on the side and the date of 4 November i had a crash during some trick and i got tenoditics in my elbow so i lost my trip contest,the result of all that is not having my run or neither not having some new tricks,after that in some way in Greece the weather is going crazy freezing until now,my indoor spot its NOT too warm cause the heating system is loose,so now i havent ride in every day mode since 4 November i canot explain the feelings of that fact.....i hope soon my everyday chain life includes back again my non stop sessions and tricks some old and some new......its all about having fun and not to comparing who is the best and who is the worst....

Alex Alexandridis.